The Proof

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Be The Proof to the at-risk youth and families we serve that this community cares about them.

Become a monthly donor.

Kids and families end up at Children’s Home when everyone else has stepped out of their lives.

When a home school district puts their hands in the air because they just cannot meet the needs of a student.

When a single young woman with minimal resources and no one to turn to finds out she’s pregnant.

When a biological family has made choices that no longer deem themselves or their home safe for their child to live in.

… this is when we meet these children and these families.

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We show up each and every day for them and now, you can, too.

You can help us prove to our kids and families that they are cared for and supported by our community.

You can Be The Proof. The Proof that despite everyone in their life walking out, there are people walking in. The Proof that despite their journey taking a small detour, hitting a road bump, they are not alone. The Proof that there is so much more meaning to their life than what has happened to them.

You can help by giving monthly.

$30 a month

can supply hygiene products for youth in our residential and community programs.

$50 a month

can cover the cost of a box of diapers for a new mom in our Good Beginnings program.

$88 a month

can cover the cost of one hour of therapy for kids who have experienced trauma.

$220 a month

can cover the cost of one youth for one day in our SILP program.