Behind the Scenes: Recruitment Video Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Recruitment Video Shoot
April 14, 2022 Camille Simpson
Behind the Scenes: Video Recruitment Shoot

Behind the Scenes: Recruitment Video Shoot

As communications professionals, we’re always looking for impactful ways to connect audiences to our mission. We recently welcomed a video crew from Springfield, Illinois, Storyteller Studios, to Children’s Home for a special film project!

Press play on planning

Do yourself a favor and over plan your videos. We wanted to create videos to help with our recruitment efforts and inspire community members to engage in meaningful work by applying at Children’s Home. Our goal was the tell the story of what it’s like to work at here, which means we needed perspectives from varying levels of leadership, lengths of employment, locations, and program representation.

All hands on deck

Since we filmed at more than one CHAIL location, we needed to involve several departments – which included both staff collaboration and client involvement. From interview preparation to signing video releases to staging our scenes, we worked together to set ourselves up for success with the best possible outcome of content. We also knew we needed to be flexible and have back up plans for locations and footage.

Review with a keen eye

Watching the first drafts made by the crew was so much fun – but we had to maintain a critical point of view: Does the footage included in the draft support our intention? Do the interviews successfully demonstrate our perspective? Is confidentiality maintained for our clients? Does this further our mission of helping the kids and families who need it most? Once the answer to those questions was “yes,” and the videos had been reviewed and approved by several members of our staff, we knew we had our finished product.

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Author: Camille Simpson, Chief Communications Officer