About Background

About Us

We envision a future where
every child in need receives
resources, care, and support so they can thrive.

That’s a future we can all believe in.

The Children’s Home Association of Illinois provides community support services to at-risk youth, the people who love and care for them, and the people who no longer can.

For more than 158 years, Children’s Home Association of Illinois has provided community support services to at-risk youth in the City of Peoria, Illinois and surrounding Tri-County Area.

Our mission is to help the kids and families who need it most.
We believe every child in our community deserves an opportunity to succeed, despite the insurmountable barriers that have been placed in their way. We are committed to raising up our community by transforming the lives of at-risk youth and families through education, clinical and community support, prevention, and residential placement services.

Our vision is to change the lives of the kids who will change the world.
The services we provide don’t just impact the individual child, they create positive ripple effects within their immediate family, neighborhood, community, and world by providing the opportunity to thrive.

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Leadership Team

For more than 157 years, Children’s Home Association of Illinois has provided community support services to youth and families in Peoria, Illinois and surrounding Tri-County Area.

Scurry Miller, President and CEO

Scurry Miller

President & Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Katie Cox

Chief Development Officer
[email protected]

Lydia Miller, Chief Human Resources Officer

Lydia Miller

Chief Human Resources Officer
[email protected]

Curt Mower, BCBA, CPHQ, PPMC, Chief Clinical Officer

Curt Mower, BCBA, CPHQ, PPMC

Chief Program Officer
[email protected]

Angie Stock, Chief Financial Officer

Angie Stock

Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

Daudi Mbuta, VP of Residential Services

Daudi Mbuta

VP of Residential Services
[email protected]

Anni Reinking, VP of Prevention Services

Anni Reinking, Ed.D.

VP of Prevention Services
[email protected]

Jodi Schwindenhammer, VP of Foster Care

Jodi Schwindenhammer

VP of Foster Care
[email protected]

Michelle Taylor, VP of Education

Michelle Taylor

VP of Education
[email protected]

Tim Van Autreve

VP of Operations and Technology
[email protected]

Tessa Pacheco

VP of Clinical Services
[email protected]

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is a group of community professionals committed to giving back in a way that makes a big impact, overseeing decision-making, financials, fundraising, and advocacy.

Lisa Gates, Chair RLI
Stephanie Ricketts, Vice Chair David Vaughan Investments
Ryan Miller, Treasurer Baird
Mary Gordon, Secretary WMBD/WYZZ
Dr. Barry Clemson, OSF Healthcare
Tracy Hermann Coker, Dewberry
Aaron Diefenthaler, RLI
Kenny Elsasser, Elsasser Farms
Steve Kool, Vermeer Midwest

Paul Lippens, Maui Jim
Laurie Studer, community volunteer
John Sutherland, P.J. Hoerr
Kyle Tompkins, Hasselberg Grebe Snodgrass Urban & Wentworth
Beth Tyre, Caterpillar Inc.
Tyler Wallenfang, Advanced Technology Services
Jenna Wiesner, PNC
Dr. Kelvin Wynn, University of Illinois College of Medicine