Building Stronger Teams by Investing in Employee Growth

Building Stronger Teams by Investing in Employee Growth
September 21, 2023 Camille Simpson
Building Stronger Teams by Investing in Employee Growth

Building Stronger Teams by Investing in Employee Growth

At Children’s Home, we take pride in creating positive change in our community through the meaningful work of our staff. Our clients face tough challenges, and we’re here to support them. We do this in part by investing in our teams through training and development, ensuring they have the best tools to make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve! Through our Employee Learning Model, we uplift our staff by creating stronger teams and better leadership, transforming lives along the way. Let us show you how!

Our Employee Learning Model includes 5 pillars

Divisional Core Training
Specifically designed for the staff in each program, this training provides insight into the unique challenges clients encounter. Led by experienced staff, this training allows us to understand how impactful we can be in each youth or family’s progress.

Leadership Development
CHAIL provides a monthly leadership development training, recognizing that good leaders are crucial for fostering happy employees. We offer guidance on essential supervisory skills, such as completing an effective performance review, ensuring team safety, and conducting a great interview. In addition, our diverse leadership topics are designed to enhance the abilities of our leaders, covering areas such as motivating others, enhancing your leadership styles, and how to give effective feedback.

Professional Development
We believe all our employees can benefit from professional development. That’s why we offer ongoing open-to-all professional development sessions that cover a range of topics including creating safe spaces for our LGBTQ+ employees and clients, conflict resolution in the workplace, and effective communication skills. We highly encourage all employees to attend to grow their skills and add tools to their toolbox.

Continuing Education Training
Continuing Education (CEU) training consists of sessions usually led by outside experts. These sessions are designed to enhance our understanding of innovative therapies and practices and are often open to both the public and CHAIL staff. Free to all our employees to help to meet the continuing education requirements of our licensed staff, we also encourage our non-licensed staff to attend to increase their professional knowledge.

On The Job Learning
Some of the most important learning that occurs in any workplace happens simply on the job. At CHAIL, our leaders and coworkers help coach and develop our inexperienced staff to expertly carry out their duties. Supervisors regularly meet with their team members to give direction and feedback on performance.

We believe in empowering our employees to have a hand in their own development and growth. If you share our passion for making a difference in the lives of those who need it most, check out our open positions and benefits. If you have any questions, please contact our HR team directly.